Our Story

Our Story

The inception of Virtual Science Teachers dates back to 2020, during the pandemic. Suzanne Sprague, an online science teacher and content creator, realized the immense burden on educators as they juggled the creation of distance learning resources, technology adaptation, and student engagement. The abrupt shift to remote learning presented immense difficulties for both educators and students alike. Suzanne recognized the potential of the internet to provide high-quality resources that could be shared with thousands of teachers, eliminating the need for each one to spend countless hours developing their own. Consequently, she began sharing her own online science learning resources on the Virtual Science Teachers website. The overwhelming positive feedback and website analytics confirmed the value of these resources in addressing a pressing need.


Even with the return to in-person classes, Suzanne noticed a significant rise in demand for Virtual Science Teachers’ resources. The extensive adoption of technology has brought about a lasting transformation in education, creating a need for high-quality resources that can be accessed using digital devices. It is now more crucial than ever before to invest in exceptional online learning resources, particularly since most middle and high school students have access to computers. These interactive resources could significantly enhance students’ learning and provide valuable support to educators. Suzanne identified the potential of the technology boom to promote fairness in science education and benefit educators and students from all backgrounds. Consequently, she founded Virtual Science Teachers as a non-profit organization.

VST has over 800,000 users and has freely provided over 1.4 million learning sessions

In August of 2022, Suzanne assembled a team of talented professionals who shared her passion for promoting equity in science learning.  Together, their mission was simple – to make science learning equitable by providing free resources that teachers and student love.

Virtual Science Teachers Board

We are excited to announce our plans to expand our online science learning resources to support the learning of all middle school science standards, and eventually all K-12 science standards. Our unwavering commitment to supporting student learning has also driven us to translate our resources into Spanish and other languages in the future. In addition, we are devoted to incorporating accessibility features into all of our resources to ensure they are available to as many students as possible.


At the core of our mission lies the conviction that equitable science education can create a brighter future for everyone. To realize this vision, we are steadfast in our dedication to providing students from diverse backgrounds with high-quality and accessible science education resources. We believe that our efforts to promote equitable science education can positively impact individuals and communities, and ultimately contribute to a better world for all.

You can help us grow!

If you are interested in supporting the work of Virtual Science Teachers through volunteering, partnership, or donation, please reach out to us at admin@virtualscienceteachers.com. We warmly welcome any assistance that you can provide in advancing our nonprofit’s mission of promoting equitable science education. Whether you are looking to contribute your time, resources, or expertise, we would love to hear from you and explore ways to collaborate.  By working together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of students and educators everwhere.