Virtual Science Teachers


Newport News Community STEM Day

Christopher Newport University


May 20, 2023

Virtual Science Teachers had an incredible time at the STEM Community Day, hosted by Newport News Public Schools and Christopher Newport University! It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm and curiosity of the young minds we met. We’re grateful for the opportunity to ignite a love for science and learning in next generation. A big thank you to the organizers and everyone who stopped by to say hello! Stay tuned for more exciting science adventures with Virtual Science Teachers!

Langley Air Show STEM Event

May 5-7, 2023

Virtual Science Teachers engaged with hundreds of kids and adults of all ages during the Langley Air Show STEM event.  The Virtual Science Teachers “What is Air” interactive lesson helped students learn about the molecules that make up air.  Then, lots of hands-on activities built on the understanding of molecules in air to help students learn about how differences in air pressure make flight possible. 

Teaching Learning Leading K-12 Podcast
May 1, 2023