Students learning about magnetic fields at the VST Exhibit
Students learning about magnetic fields at the VST Exhibit

NORFOLK – At STEM Day on October 20, Virtual Science Teachers set up an exhibit for Norfolk Public School 5th graders focusing on magnetics.


Students had the chance to play with magnets and see how they work. They learned about magnetic field lines and how magnets interact with different materials. The exhibit also taught them how to use a compass. To make it interactive, there was a compass game where students could apply what they had learned.


The aim of the Virtual Science Teachers’ booth was to give students a hands-on understanding of magnets and their applications in a straightforward and engaging manner.


We’re honored to be part of an event that sparks STEM enthusiasm in the next generation of scientists and engineers!

STEM Exploration Community Event in Newport News

STEM Event
Girl At STEM Event
STEM Event

At Virtual Science Teachers (VST), we’re more than just a digital platform. We’re rooted in the community, dedicated to bringing top-notch STEM education directly to our neighbors. Our commitment lies in cultivating and nurturing the bright minds of tomorrow, starting right here, right now.


The recent STEM Exploration Event on October 14, 2023 in Newport News stands as a shining example of our community engagement. Amidst a crowd of over 40 STEM exhibitors and over 600 guests, VST provided engaging activities and sent the message loud and clear: STEM is for ALL.


Our founder, Suzanne Sprague, along with the talented Jordan Burton, represented VST at the event. Together, they ensured that our exhibit wasn’t just informative, but interactive and fun. The duo passionately delivered hands-on STEM activities, captivating young minds and showcasing the interactive essence of VST.

July 2023

June 2023

We are overjoyed and thankful to share that Virtual Science Teachers is one of 20 fortunate recipients of a grant from the Coastal Virginia STEM Hub! This invaluable support empowers us to advance our commitment to making science education equitable.
A sincere and resounding thank you to the Coastal Virginia STEM Hub, a cornerstone of regional STEM education, for endorsing our mission.
Stay connected for more exciting updates as we keep moving forward in this remarkable journey! 🚀
Dive into the specifics of how the Coastal VA STEM Hub is championing educators and nonprofits in the region, fostering novel science, technology, engineering, and math initiatives, activities, and programming. Visit

Newport News Community STEM Day

Christopher Newport University


May 20, 2023

Virtual Science Teachers had an incredible time at the STEM Community Day, hosted by Newport News Public Schools and Christopher Newport University! It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm and curiosity of the young minds we met. We’re grateful for the opportunity to ignite a love for science and learning in next generation. A big thank you to the organizers and everyone who stopped by to say hello! Stay tuned for more exciting science adventures with Virtual Science Teachers!

Langley Air Show STEM Event

May 5-7, 2023

Virtual Science Teachers engaged with hundreds of kids and adults of all ages during the Langley Air Show STEM event.  The Virtual Science Teachers “What is Air” interactive lesson helped students learn about the molecules that make up air.  Then, lots of hands-on activities built on the understanding of molecules in air to help students learn about how differences in air pressure make flight possible.