Bell Ringers

A bell ringer is a short, engaging activity designed to get students thinking and talking as soon as they enter the classroom. These thought-provoking questions or prompts use real-world phenomena to spark curiosity and generate meaningful discussions that connect science to everyday life. Teachers can use bell ringers to kick off the class, transitioning students into the learning mindset, or incorporate them at any point during the lesson to maintain engagement and foster deeper understanding.


Key Features of Bell Ringers:

  • Engaging: Capture students’ attention with interesting and relevant phenomena.
  • Thought-Provoking: Encourage critical thinking and discussion among students.
  • Relatable: Connect scientific concepts to everyday experiences.
  • Flexible: Use them at the start of class or anytime to re-engage students.

By incorporating bell ringers into your lessons, you can create a dynamic learning environment that piques students’ curiosity and sets the stage for a productive class session.

Bell Ringer Topics