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When you support VST, you’re investing in the empowerment of educators and the enrichment of students’ educational journeys with innovative, cost-free tools. Your contributions are crucial in helping us maintain and grow our offerings, ensuring that every student has the chance to explore and excel in STEM subjects.

Your Support is Crucial to:


Provide free and simple platform access for all science classrooms.


Craft world-class science learning resources that are engaging and effective.


Improve website accessibility features in alignment with the highest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


Integrate reading support features for diverse learner needs.


Translate our resources for multilingual accessibility.


Support teacher professional development.

Your partnership with VST contributes to a brighter STEM future for students everywhere.


Hear Directly From the Teachers

Our program has proven invaluable to teachers, providing a crucial and free resource for science education that significantly enhances their curriculum. By offering a wealth of innovative tools and content, we empower educators to engage students in dynamic and interactive learning experiences.

Supporting Teachers with Freely Accessible Resources

Jamie, a middle school science teacher, struggled with outdated materials and a tight budget. Finding Virtual Science Teachers (VST) offered her a range of current, no-cost resources, making her lesson planning more effective and less stressful. VST helped transform her classroom into an engaging learning environment, making science more accessible for her students, who showed a marked improvement in their engagement and understanding of the subject.
Teacher working with students on computer
“Being able to give my students a link to a well thought out and perfectly crafted interactive assignment has made my job so much easier behind the scenes. I get to spend more time engaging in the material with my students than preparing the activities – and that’s a win-win for everyone!”

Time-Saving Resources that Support Differentiated Learning

Tonya, a resource teacher, faced the challenge of creating specialized lesson plans for diverse learners. With Virtual Science Teachers (VST), she found resources for various learning levels, significantly easing her workload. This shift allowed Tonya more time for student engagement, enhancing her students’ understanding and interest in science through VST’s interactive resources. The change not only streamlined Tonya’s teaching process but also enriched her students’ educational experiences. of the subject.

“The lessons are well-organized, engaging, and aligned perfectly with the learning objectives I had in mind for my students. The materials provided were of high quality, and the step-by-step instructions made it easy to implement the lesson effectively. The creativity and thought that went into the lesson were evident, and it truly saved me a lot of time and effort in lesson planning.”

Skyrocket Engagement and Learning for ALL Students:

Melody, teaching in Florida, struggled with engaging a diverse classroom due to outdated textbooks. VST’s animated lessons and interactive modules brought a new dynamic to her teaching, especially benefiting students who found science challenging. VST’s ease of integration with digital tools helped Melody manage her workload more effectively, positively impacting student engagement and inspiring her colleagues to explore similar technologies.
“My students work hard and remember what they learned.They stay engaged and enjoy completing the task.”
Roberts Class

Build Meaningful Understanding of Complex Topics

Robert, always seeking innovative teaching methods, found VST’s escape room modules a welcome addition to his high school science classes. These modules, especially those on electromagnetic and mechanical waves, engaged his students in lively discussions and a deeper understanding of complex topics. Robert’s success with these tools not only enhanced his students’ learning experience but also influenced his colleagues to adopt similar methods. subject.
“Engagement is far higher when they see success. VST has made that accessible for even my weakest students with additional hints and feedback on responses. I appreciate the ease with which I can assign or utilize the resources with the whole group.”

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