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Are you seeking professional development opportunities that offer your teachers 

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Micro-Credential Interactive Integration
Micro-credential Scientific Inquiry and CER


Why Choose VST for Professional Development?


Virtual Science Teachers (VST) offers a comprehensive professional development program designed to equip educators with the skills and resources needed to transform their science classrooms. Our sessions are crafted to be engaging, practical, and aligned with the latest educational research, ensuring that teachers can immediately apply what they learn to benefit their students.

VST PD Certificate

 What We Offer 


1-Hour Session: 

  • Interactive Modules: Learn how to effectively incorporate VST’s free resources, such as interactive modules, into your classroom.
  • Bell Ringers: Use engaging and thought-provoking bell ringers to set the tone for effective learning.
  • Science Bingo: Experience our fun and educational science bingo games, perfect for student review.

2-Hour Session: 

  • Scientific Investigations: Dive deeper into crafting scientific questions and conducting investigations using our lab report templates.
  • Graphing Skills: Build students’ graphing skills with our interactive graph makers.
  • Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) Frameworks: Utilize CER frameworks to enhance students’ critical thinking and analytical skills.



Benefits of Our Professional Development



Aligned with Educational Standards



Our resources are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This ensures that our materials support teachers in meeting state and national benchmarks for science education.



Supports Diverse Learners



Our professional development sessions emphasize strategies to support students of all learning levels, including those who read below grade level. VST resources include read-aloud features and other supportive elements to assist diverse learners, making science accessible to all students.



Immediate Usability



94% of teachers surveyed found our professional development sessions highly beneficial, providing tools and resources that can be used right away in their classrooms. Teachers appreciate the ease of use and the engaging nature of our resources, which save them valuable time and enhance their ability to engage students.



Proven Success



Our previous collaborations with teachers in the Hampton Roads Area have received extremely positive feedback. Teachers have expressed that our resources and training offer something new and valuable, significantly enhancing their ability to engage students and improve learning outcomes.


Certificate of Completion and VST Micro-credentials



At the end of the session, teachers will receive a certificate of completion to acknowledge their participation and learning. Additionally, we offer VST micro-credentials, which are digital badges that recognize the specific skills and competencies teachers have developed through our professional development programs. These micro-credentials can be added to resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and professional portfolios to showcase their expertise and commitment to continuous learning.


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