Join Virtual Science Teachers in inspiring future innovators! We invite you to become a valued sponsor by supporting our interactive learning modules and website. Your contribution will not only enhance science education but also prominently display your organization’s commitment to learning and discovery.



Your Web Page Sponsorship plays a crucial role in expanding educational reach, ensuring daily access for countless teachers and students on the VST platform. This sponsorship not only boosts your brand but also makes a lasting impact in education. Your logo and link will gain continuous exposure on our HOME PAGE and Giving Page for six months and will be featured in our Annual Report, demonstrating a lasting partnership in advancing digital learning and resource accessibility.

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Your sponsorship directly contributes to creating a new interactive science module, including reading supports, Spanish translation, and accessibility features. Your logo will be embedded in the module, featured on the Giving Page, and in our Annual Report for a year.


  • Logo embedded in the Module for 1 year
  • Logo below the Module link
  • Logo on the Giving Page
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As a Penguin Sponsor, your contribution aids in developing new educational resources. Your logo will be displayed on a chosen resource page (Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Virtual Labs, or Bell Ringers) with a link and in our Annual Report for six months, showcasing your support for innovative educational tools.

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  • Recognition in the Annual Report
  • For a period of 6 months



Your sponsorship as a Module Sponsor supports access to the VST website and the creation of supplemental resources for a specific module. Your logo will be placed below our module links for six months, enhancing educational experiences for students and teachers.  See an example on the Water Filtration Challenge on our Earth Science resource page.

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  • For a period of six months