Category Bingo

Clue reader uses this wheel to generate random numbers 1-24.

Clue Reader Directions:

  1. Prepare clues that fit into to either 2 or 3 categories (such as metals and nonmetals or nouns, verbs, adjectives).
  2. Send players the link ( and direct players to enter the number of categories and category labels that correspond to your generated list.
  3. Use the bingo wheel to generate a random bingo number.
  4. Call out a clue and random number to bingo players.  They should select the numbered boxes on their bingo boards so they correspond to correct category.
  5. Use the tracking board to track the category of each clue number. 
  6. Continue to play until a student gets 5 in a row of the same category. 

Player Directions:

  1. Select the number of categories (2 or 3) provided by the clue reader. For example, for clues involving metals and nonmetals, select 2 categories.  For clues about solids, liquids, or gases, select 3 categories.
  2. Enter the categories into the provided fields.  Select “next” and a unique bingo board will open along with the entered categories showing the corresponding colors/patterns.
  3. On the bingo board, for each clue and number the clue reader provides, select the box number on the bingo board until it is color/pattern that corresponds to the correct category. 
  4. You have bingo when you have 5 boxes in a row of the same color/pattern.